Do you understand the word no? I’m beginning to think a lot of people don’t. Because I’ve said it numerous times and for whatever reason, people think I’m joking. Maybe it’s because I’m not saying it firm enough, so I’ll have to work on that. But regardless of how I say it, no, in fact, means no! If I say it or ignore what you’re asking me, how does that insinuate “keep asking”? At some point you’re going to wear yourself out from the begging and you’re going to piss me off from the nagging. The issue I’m having is more common in this guy I know. I don’t know how many times I say it, or in how many languages I have to say “leave me alone”, but the point is far from getting across. So what do you do? I’m beginning to lose my mind and I guess the only thing I can do is ignore. But that’s not working either. The next step is probably blocking. Or, maybe I should just stop being a pansy, not really the word I wanted to use, pussy- and speak my mind. I’m just afraid my honesty will take it too far. Believe it or not, I actually do care about people’s feelings. I’m not completely ruthless and cold hearted. With that being said, some people just need to learn to get the point. No matter who they are in your life/world. I guess someone always wanting your attention isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as stated in a previous post, not the attention I want. Someone HEEEEELP! What do I do with this person who can’t seem to listen?! Aghhhhh! I feel helpless.



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