Favorite Things: January Edition!

Although the month is not yet over, I wanted to share a few things I’ve discovered, that have now become a staple for me. From jewelry to food to songs, I don’t see myself disliking any of these things any time soon and I’m so glad I was introduced to them! Some may seem silly, and some I may be late to the party, but doesn’t make it any less a favorite of mine. Ch-ch-check it out!

Alex and Ani Energy Bracelets

Energy bracelets. http://www.alexandani.com

These bracelets are just simply adorable! I love the different collections, I love the story behind them and I love the meaning of this company. Click on their website to check out their cool and unique pieces. I already have 4 in my collection: the Leo zodiac, the feather, the lock and the key; and I just recently learned about them!

Nude Nail Polish

All shades of nude. I’m currently wearing Samoan Sands by OPI. http://www.opi.com

I’ve always been a fan of darker polishes, but lately “Nude” has been so classic and chic.

Janine and the Mixtape

Favorite song from this EP is “Hold Me”. Check it out on iTunes: Dark Mind – EP by Janine and the Mixtape https://itun.es/us/xcmG3

This EP has been giving me life! Particularly the track “Hold Me”. She has a soulful sound that kind of reminds me of Aaliyah. You can always tell what mood I’m in by the music I listen to.

White Chocolate Mochas

Currently my favorite Starbucks drink. Great for any season! http://www.starbucks.com

Vivian, this is all your fault! White chocolate mochas in the morning before work are the shit! It tastes amazing, not too strong, but all the while giving me the boost I need for the day. Only downfall is I can’t drink these daily because it definitely makes my sugar levels skyrocket as a diabetic. This is a once-in-a while indulgence.

Egg Bagels

Is there a Western Bagel near you? If so, you’ve gotta try an egg bagel. Find your nearest location: http://www.westernbagel.com

Someone else to blame….Nika introduced me to egg bagels and I’ve been an addict ever since! I’ve always been a bagel fan, wasn’t a cream cheese fan until I moved to Cali, and the egg bagel just has a flavor I can’t get over. Yum!


Find your plugin and scent! http://www.bathandbodyworks.com

This car freshener visor clip has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! There are so many fragrance inserts to choose from!

I’ve known about wallflowers from Bath and Bodyworks for years. But I didn’t really take too much interest in them until I moved into my own place. Now, I care about my home smelling fabulous! I recently purchased 15 wallflower refills because they were $1 each at a 75% off sale. Practically free! I’m also newly obsessed on the car Scentportables. The accessories are too cute.

Apple Music

#1 app used on my phone, all day, everyday. If you’re an iPhone user, you should really pay for this service. It’s life changing! $10 a month is so worth the gems you will find!

Since music is my therapy, I’m constantly listening to it. When Apple released Apple Music, I was hooked! I was happy knowing that I could reminisce on a song that brought back great memories and look it up, no matter how old it is, to play over and over again. I also like the pre-made playlists designed just for me. It introduces me to new music. That’s exactly how I found Janine and the Mixtape.

Fluffy Heart Blanket

This blanket is warm and comfy. For under $20, it’s a steal! Find yours here: http://m.target.com/p/valentine-s-printed-flannel-throw-black-and-white-hearts/-/A-49153822

This blanket was given to me for Christmas and it is quite possibly one of my favorite things ever! I didn’t know I would be so infatuated with a piece of material! But it is the softest blanket and I take it everywhere with me. It’s my little blankey!

And those are my favorite things to kick of 2016. I hope I’ve introduced you to something new that can possibly become one of your faves! I can’t wait to see what I discover in February!



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