Good Things Come….

…to Those Who Wait!

My friends have always thought I was crazy for being able to predict the future or, for always having intuition about a certain situation. But, they eventually become believers when, 9 times out of 10, what I’ve predicted has been right!

I wouldn’t call myself “psychic” or anything, but I certainly believe I have some type of power…or gift if you will. I know that a situation isn’t right and will change when I can feel it in my bones. It’s crazy, but when something doesn’t go as planned, I get really cocky (because I get THAT feeling) and I almost always utter, “it’s okay because this is how it’s really going to happen.” And I’m always spot on.

Recently, relating to work, plans I made with my employer didn’t pan out the way they were supposed to-with me relocating from another state. Initially I was upset, hell, I was pissed. But a feeling came over me that said, the plan/route my employer was going in was not going to work and what I was looking for was going to come through, tenfold! All I had to do was wait on it. I didn’t need to throw a fit, I didn’t need to have a tantrum, I just needed to wait. Now, I didn’t know exactly how long I needed to wait, but I knew it wouldn’t be too long.

And what do you know….?! Today I got the news I had been waiting for! My original plan was back in motion and I was being rewarded handsomely for being patient. I knew it! All this time, I knew if I played my cards right, I would get what I was looking for! And that was nothing but my prediction/intuition. I could have gone in a different route. I could have made other plans. But sticking with what I knew got me where I needed to be.

There is also something else I predict happening in 5-7 years. Something that has been on my mind and the feeling has been in my bones for a while now. My friends keep telling me it’s not going to happen, there’s no way, and I’m crazy for thinking it. But, when I have the feeling, I have the feeling. And BOY, DO I HAVE THE FEELING! I can’t say what it is….well, I can but I won’t. Just know, there will be sacrifice, there will be compromise, there will be love, there will be hope. But most of all, the three most important words are: THERE WILL BE. Which means it’s definitely happening. And in 5-7 years, although you don’t know the situation, you only know the time-frame and the circumstance, I will be able to come back and tell you with confidence…I told ya so!


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