Pass Me The Good Lighter…

This makes so much sense it’s ridiculous! I wish I could learn to get rid of the bad lighter and stick with the good one……..


I’m still confused as to how this is even a valid statement.

This past weekend I was hanging out with some friends of mine that are smokers and I probably heard this said about fifteen times.

And initially I thought, “Why the heck do you have a bad lighter?” Why not just throw the old one away and get a new one and only use that? Especially if you’re going to refer to the old one as bad? If something doesn’t work why are you keeping it around?

As I was sitting on the beach listening to the waves and the chatter of whatever crazy topic we were on, I kept thinking about the dang lighter and I was actually getting quite frustrated. What good is that lighter doing for you? You carry it around, it takes up space, but when you go to use it you have to take…

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