Which School Mom Are You?

Originally written on Friday while waiting for my son: I’m sitting here waiting to pick my son up from school and I can’t help but be observant….or nosy, however you’d like to classify it. Since Jalen has been in school I’ve always been curious to see how the other moms interact with their children’s classroom and what kind of mom I would be when it comes to his academics and my involvement with his teachers and peers.

As I sit here and look around, I’ve noticed there are five types of moms at each school. Here’s the skinny, if you haven’t yourself distinguished the five:

The Over Protective Mom

This is the mom who can’t leave her child’s side. She really just can’t help herself. Chances are this is either her first child or her youngest. If it’s her first, she is still in that mod

The Disheveled Mom

This is th

Get some rest momma!

The Super Involved Mom

This is the mother who is the classroom mom, the team mom, the party planner, the snack coordinator. If you need a volunteer, you can count on her! Your child didn’t bring lunch for the field trip? No worries! Classroom mom made extra lunches for everyo

The Busy Mom

We have all

And last, but certainly not least…….

The “Best Friend”/Hot Mom

Is that your mom or your friend? She dresses more like your older sister and doesn’t really give you many limitations.

So which Momma are you? We all handle our children differently. Although some are more involved than others, paying attention to your child and wanting the best for them is all that matters. These informative and adolescent years do not last forever. Our children grow up and eventually want nothing to do with us. We will miss the time we could have had to help them grow and help nourish them. We will miss the opportunity to help show them how to be successful. No matter which category of “Mom” you fall in, the end result should all be the same…..a bright future for our future leaders. Have you observed any of these kind of “Moms” in your child’s school? Sound off below!




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